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FREE Artist Resources

Why FREE Resources?


A lot of people have freely helped me to become the artist I am. None of these have charged me and thus I'm not charging you.

I want to help you to create and experience success, like I do.

If you don't find what you're looking for here...drop me a line, maybe your question is easy for me to answer. You've nothing to lose by asking. CONTACT me

Video Life Drawing Sessions

Weekly life drawing sessions (female & male) with the "Croquis Cafe". Croquis also supplies a large stills gallery, details gallery, 360 degree rotations for sculpting and method-tutorials totally free of charge. (They do ask for occasional donations, for which I give them £3/year as a donation for my enjoyment of their services)

Daily life drawing sessions (female & male) with the "New Masters Academy"

Tips & Tricks:- Extending your Paint Supply
  • Dilute commercial PVA glue, 1:3 with tap water (school & crafting PVA glue can sometimes be too thin to use for this)
  • Use this glue-mix to then dilute your acrylic paints, 1:1.
  • This makes paints go further & helps them stick to your canvas better.
  • You can also use this method to add "texture" to a painting by adding rough bits, like sawdust, to the paint/glue mixture
  • The PVA mix sets rock-solid and helps protect your painting too!
  • Buy 1L suitable PVA glue here
  • This is also important for the "Acrylic Pouring" method of painting.