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About John Lyons

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John Lyons' Story


John's art started with his early training in the classical skills of Life-Drawing (charcoal, pencil and colour) under tuition in Oxford, UK. When his teacher was head-hunted to a lucrative position in the USA, John took over the running (& teaching) of the Oxford Class. He then went on to setup & teach new classes in the Oxford area.

Opportunities to grow as an active professional artist became available with relocation to Stockport, Cheshire and several studios tenancies with the Vernon Mill Artists. He fed-back his commercial successes to the artists' collective, as sponsorship for the annual Open Studios event and in the provision of wine for the 1000 people attending the exhibition. (Provided free-of-charge by another of his happy clients.)

John is influenced by the captivating imagery of the Austrian fine artist Gustav Klimt, using single line figures against bold colours and golds & of the wild abandon seen in the oil paintings of Lucien Freud.

John painted figures in quick-setting cement (2005), then over-layered these with bold coloured acrylic paints and gold-leaf, with critical acclaim and a sell-out exhibition following. At this time he also exhibited and sold many of his contemporary charcoal sketches taken from the classes he taught.


Sadly most of the pictures from 200-2005 have been lost due to a computer virus and backup failure!! This time encompassed all of his early artworks and many exhibitions.


John has exhibited extensively (listed below), has taught Life Drawing across the UK, has taught Celebrity Presenters on Prime-Time UK TV (re-broadcast in UK and Australia) been interviewed by the BBC and published several times, (with Features), in the UK Press.

John has also had a successful career as a commercial photographer but has been mindful to keep "art" at the forefront of his commercial and personal artistic life, frequently focussing on the beauty of the nude female form in all the adult stages of life.

John took a break from Painting in 2009 to get married and set up home. Having settled, re-structured and painted a house, and following a long period of debilitating illness, John has returning to art in 2017.

Please CONTACT John Lyons, if you'd like to pose for him, like a lesson, want to host an exhibition of his works, or any other enquiry. Many Thanks.

John Lyons' Exhibitions


Upcoming Exhibition: 
- 2019 Lancaster City Gallery, Xmas
Past Exhibitions:
- 2018 "Escaping Woman" sold for Charity Art Show & Sale, Liverpool City
- 2013 Exhibition "The Beauty Of Women", the Menier Gallery, Central London, January
- 2013 Exhibition " The Joy Of Submission", The London Fetish Fair, Electrowertz, Islington, Sept 
- 2012 Exhibited & Sold at the 2nd International Twitter Exhibition, Moss, Norway. April
- 2011 BBC Radio Feature, "Nude Artist working with cancer victims" July
- 2007 Life Tutor on Channel5 "How Not To Decorate",filmed in my studio 
- 2007 Invited to show GirlzART pictures on the Saatchi on-line gallery
- 2006 Stockport Municipal Art Gallery 
- 2006-2010 Vernon Mill Artists Exhibition
- 2005 GirlzART at GMex "Erotica"
- 2005 Fellicinni Bistro Exhibition
- 2005 Bistro West & M/c Metro Feature
- 2004 Widely published UK press
- 2003 Breaking Spaces III Exhibition, Stockport
- 2002 Breaking Spaces II Exhibition
- 2002 Started Stockport Life Drawing Group
- 1999 Oxford Littlemore Life Drawing Tutor 
- 1999 Registered Tutor on RAM
- 1998 Oxfordshire Art-Weeks Exhibition

Updated August 2019.